Monday, May 4, 2015

New Tech for the Class

One of my very favorite things about teaching a technology class is when we get new technology to play with. My broadcast program just acquired a new switcher system to replace the Wirecast that we have been using. As a former director for a television station, this was a huge deal to me. 

It's absolutely a blessing to be able to have an actual switcher to direct our video announcements with! I honestly think that I was more excited about this thing than my kids were. Of course, my brain is now in the place of what else can I use this for? What other elements can I add to my announcements? 

While I would love to just add a whole bunch of cool things to my announcements, I constantly have to remind myself that while I can easily adapt to the new things and can already use this switcher like a pro, my kids are brand new to this technology. I have to give them time to learn how to use it before adding any more new things for them to master.

So, my advice to you is this. Any time you get new equipment in your classroom, give yourself the time to set it up and master it. Then and only then, introduce it to your students and begin teaching them how to use it. Then, give them time to conquer it. They will, it just takes time.

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