Thursday, February 4, 2016

TCEA 2016 - Day 3 Wrap Up

Wednesday, I started out with presenting my very own session on Broadcast 101: How to Create a Successful program. This was an amazing experience! When I walked into the room to set up, I was shocked by how many people were already in the room waiting. The presentation went very well and I actually got quite a bit of feedback. I left my session with a sense of purpose, as I had so many people asking for my help on setting up their program, what to teach, and what to buy.


The session I went to after my presentation was "The GameEd Canvas". This session was fantastic! It was all about how to make a lesson into a game that your students will want to play? If they are playing , they are learning.

Next, I attended "The Social Media Secret Sauce", which was all about how to effectively use social media. From this session, I learned some awesome new tools that will help me to keep track of my digital footprint.

My last session of the day was called "Nomophobia". This session absolutely blew me away!!

It was all about an experiment that a teacher did to see how her students would do without their phones for a day. After seeing the results, I was inspired to implement an experiment similar to this when I go back to my campus. I am really looking forward to those results.

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